Competition zone

 Whether you thinking about entering your first judo competition or you are a seasoned pro, check out our resources below

New to competitions?

Whatever your age, if you want to find out more about judo competitions then have a look at our "Introduction to competitions" page.

Upcoming Competitions

You can get a full list of British Judo Association competitions at their website, here. That said, there are at lot of events and it can be a a bit of a chore working through them all.

To help narrow it down a bit, we show the local (and other relevant) competitions on our events calendar.

Contest rules

For those who want a detailed understanding of the rules for competitions that are run in line with British Judo guidance, you can find out more here:

Sports nutrition for judo

The British Judo Association have published a great guide to sports nutrition for judo, including guidance on what to eat in preparation for competitions and on the day  - you can find a copy on our "Useful Info" page here