New starters

We always welcome new starters. 

If you want to come and try judo out, the first session is free and you can join in as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. The club will lend you a judo gi (jacket and belt) for the session to get you started. 

 So come along, enjoy your session and please ask the coaches any questions you may have. 

New starters check-list

What to expect on the judo mat

Once on the mat you can expect to be treated with the same respect that we ask of all our participants. The other players and the coaches will understand you are a beginner and will support you during your time on the mat. 

Our sessions usually begin with a warm-up, followed by break-fall practice to reduce the risk of injuries when being thrown. Then we might practise throwing techniques,  holding techniques, free practice, judo fun and games or,  for our more competitive judoika, competition preparations. 

 As with all sports, judo has its rules, and understanding these will better help your experience and time on the judo mat.