Grading overview

At Fleming Park Judo Club we usually offer the opportunity for everyone to grade three times a year, often in March, July and November.

This means that you can pass 3 SHO, MON or KYU grades in a 12 month period.  We feel this allows players to progress at a steady pace and allows them to assimilate the new techniques/skills they learn and incorporate them into their judo.

However, players can grade outside of the club every calendar month up to 6th mon and every other calendar month for 6th mon and above.

Players taking up the sport at age 12 or older can “fast track” up to 6th mon in the first year of holding a BJA licence, i.e. grade 1st-3rd mon then 4th-6th mon over two gradings or any combination up to 6th mon in the 12 month period.

If you want to register for our next grading then please fill in the form here:

Grading Registration Form

If you want to find out about the judo grading system and what is expected of you or just brush up before your next grading then check out our resources below.

Grading Resources

There are four different grading systems in British Judo depending on your age and experience. These are shown below - click on any for more information.

(ages 5-7)

(ages 8 - 17)

(ages 14 - Adult)

(ages 14 - Adult)

Grading Translations

If you want to learn the translations for your next grading then try our our very own online translation quiz here: Fleming Park Judo Grading Quiz. You will be asked to set up a user account but it is all free - see if you can get onto the all-time leaderboard!