Direct Debit Scheme

Whatever class you attend, if you are intending to come along to our sessions regularly you can save money by paying monthly by direct debit. 

It's easy to do, just click on the appropriate link below to start saving!

Direct Debit Links


1 viper  (£11 per month)

2 vipers (£22 per month)


1 junior  (£14 per month)

2 juniors  (£28 per month)

Youths (12-15)

1 youth  (£16 per month)

2 youths32 per month)

Seniors (16+)

1 senior  (£20 per month)

2 seniors40 per month)

If the combination that you want is not shown above (eg you want to set up payment for a junior and a viper) then feel free to set up more than one direct debit.